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How can I get a free consultation?
Joni offers many ways to get free help. 

1. Have your plan, outline, or a good draft of your project ready for review.

2. Call 817-379-JONI (5664)  to discuss your writing project. The first 15 minutes of any phone inquiry is totally free. 

3. Email Joni at with your query.
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What are your payment terms?
You always get a price estimate up front. For small jobs, such as resumes, payment is usually upfront by cash or credit card. Larger jobs start with a suggested down payment. Some jobs can be selected online to ensure your place in line to receive writing help. For most expedited service, prepay your deposit by placing your purchase in your shopping cart and paying online. Otherwise, you may pay by email Payment, with first a deposit and then the balance due after your work is delivered.
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What if I'm not happy with your writing help?
Joni guarantees you that you will be happy with your writing assistance, or your money back. On the other hand, if you are happy, you agree to make an endorsement of her good writing help and refer others with projects to her. Win/win!
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I do not have a good draft yet. Is it too soon to call for some help?
The sooner the better. I'm here to assist you if you need help at any place in the writing process. Are you wondering where to start? Are you stuck midway? Do you have writer's block? Don't know how to end your work? Call me! 817-379-5664.
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I have a good draft ready. Can you help me now?
Yes! I provide consultations to help people choose ways to share their work. One affordably priced consultation can help save you thousands and shorten your timeline. Call to set up your project consultation. Or sign up online.
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Do you use proofing symbols? I'd be lost!
At Joni's House, proofing symbols are only used if you request them. Our simplified Rainbow Editing system is easy to use, can be completed over the internet or in person, and requires no special knowledge of editorial markup. As a bonus, there are no "red lines" on your work, just simple questions and colors to direct the process, which puts most customers at ease. The Rainbow Editing system can be done across the Internet, so don't worry if you don't live in Keller, TX. We help people like you across the USA and around the globe. We've got you covered.
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Can you get my book published?
That's a tricky question, like saying, will your resume get me a job. Having professional help will definitely give you the best shot at your dream job, and having a quality book product that represents you well only makes sense. Of course, second to having a great product, everybody knows being at the right place at the right time helps. Taking our Writing Classes can help prepare you for making the most of your resources and abilities. In the meantime, coming up with a solid writing, publishing, and distribution plan is definitely worthwhile.
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What are your writing and editing credentials?
Check Joni Prinjinski out on Linked In.

BS in Education
MS in Professional Writing

Decades of experience in the profit and nonprofit world of writing, editing, and publishing. Her original writing includes Food Features, scientic and technical writing, proposals, grants, resume writing, graphic display of data, layout and design, reports, manuals, business plans, and book projects.
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